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About Superbru

What is Superbru?

A Game

Superbru is a free predictor and fantasy game with 80+ tournaments across 10 sports every year. It has proven, sticky, popular gaming models that have been refined over time to capture the essence of following sports as diverse as football, golf and motorsport. It's a lot of fun, and the perfect way to follow sport with your friends or colleagues.

Users can sign up on the web, or play on our iOS and Android apps.

A Community

Superbru might be a game, but what is most important about it is the way it helps people to connect. Many of our users have played Superbru for more than a decade, and have built genuine friendships through the game. On a smaller scale, Superbru brings groups of friends, family members and colleagues closer together, giving them a shared activity around which to develop their relationships.

A Platform for Business

With its popular, sticky games and big audience Superbru, is a great platform for business. Whether you are a global brand looking for innovative sponsorship activations, a department seeking out tools for employee engagement, a media company wanting to add another channel to your offering or even a small businesses wanting to stay front of mind with your local clients, Superbru has something for you.

Explore Superbru for business.

A Mine of Sports Data

Superbru has built a huge database of sports data: teams, fixtures, results and standings across our wide range of sports. Most interesting of all are our aggregated community predictions, with our crowd providing a fascinating view of sentiment and audience expectation. Proprietary algorithms enable us to produce Superbru Insights: predicted results based on the wisdom of the crowd.

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Superbru started as a sheet of paper stuck to a fridge.

In 2001, a group of twenty-something graduates from the University of Cape Town were living in a house share in Wimbledon and played a game in which they would predict Super 12 rugby results. Each week the duty of recording picks and calculating scores was passed to a different member of the group. In 2003, one of the gang, Andy Wood (a.k.a. The General) built the first online version of the game. It was played by 9 friends.

By early 2006, a few thousand players had taken part in the game.

With proper business backing from digital consulting/ventures outfit Nevado coming in 2006, the site flourished and developed rapidly. The Nevado crew teamed up with James Hutchison (a.k.a. Hutch) to develop a UK-oriented brother site (SportGuru - subsequently merged back into Superbru in 2012) and several corporate white labels. Early in 2011, the sports ventures left the Nevado incubator as a standalone business within the holding company SportEngage.

Two days after kick-off of Rugby World Cup 2015, Superbru hit the remarkable milestone of 1 million users since inception: an audience built almost entirely from viral growth based on strength of concept and product.

In 2024, Superbru remains privately owned and operated, with a focus on growing audience and developing multiple monetisation channels. Superbru is free to play and monetises through advertising, sponsorship, premium features and referral programmes.